How To Take Out Your Winnings at Bouncingball8 Bd?

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There are several available gateway services to top up your earnings in Bouncingball8 Bd Bangladesh. Among them are PayTM and IMPS. The withdrawal process is simple as deposit one. Nevertheless, a customer needs not only to have an account on the website but also to verify it. It’s not hard as well. After the registration, a client receives an email with the verification link. By clicking on it, they verify the account. Then, a customer may withdraw funds. Verification of the account is important to bring back access to the account if it was lost and to reduce the number of fake accounts.


How To Take Out Your Winnings at Bouncingball8 Bd?

Among the most common questions of newly registered customers is always “How to withdraw money from Bouncingball8 Bd?”. Fortunately, the establishment offers the best conditions to make it easy and fast. A client needs to follow the next several steps:

  • Log in to their profile.
  • Click on the Payment bottom.
  • Press on the Order the Payment.
  • Choose a way of payment they prefer.
  • Enter the wallet number using PayTM, or provide the account name, account number, and IFSC code using IMPS.
  • Type the sum they want to withdraw according to the required limits of the payment method they choose.
  • Click on the Withdraw button.


So, only several clicks are enough to receive your winnings pretty fast. Don’t worry about transactions as the offered ways of payment are highly protected. The platform takes care of its customers, so any threat for withdrawals is impossible.


The time to withdraw money from Bouncingball8 Bd is pretty fast as well. It may take up to 24 hours, while on the other platforms transactions usually take several days or even weeks. The minimum amount of withdrawal using PAYTM is BDT 1000 and for IMPS is BDT 3000. The maximum amount of payment depends on the system limit of a payment method you choose.

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